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The Executive Consult Podcast

You learn as we learn what executives, leaders and media are facing and how they deal with it. Casual conversations with people you may see but likely never get to meet.

Meet The Host

Karl Robe

Karl Robe


Karl Robe, APR, founded Karl James & Company in 1999. For 20 years, he has crafted marketing communications campaigns to reach influential audiences of global, national, state and local clients. He has coached and counseled multinational companies to start-ups in marketing, branding, reputation, public affairs and leadership communications. As an author, presenter and coach on a multitude of communications topics, his insights have appeared in Wisconsin Lawyer, WICPA On Balance, The Strategist, Crisis Manager, Wisconsin Law Journal and numerous other venues. Karl achieved an Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), certifying a candidate’s knowledge of public relations practice, communications theory, management science and ethics. 

The Executive consult

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