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There are interesting people we want to learn about and from. You learn as we learn what executives, leaders and media are facing and how they deal with it.

Karl Robe

Karl Robe


Feature Episode

Karl Robe, Milwaukee PR and brand strategist

In this episode, show host and brand strategist, Karl Robe, shares his new eBook Branding: Much More Than A Logo. It’s Your Northstar! 

If you prefer to read it, simply download the free eBook below. You access easy-to-read, easy-to-implement guideposts to check your brand alignment or develop your brand from the ground up.

Why Is This Important?
Every person, product, place and issue projects a brand. This reputation—real and perceived—determines your fate. Reputation hinges on trust. Trust grows from character, consistency and credibility. In fact, reputation factors into every decision and every perception. Every minute. Every day. Every interaction reinforces or relinquishes reputation.

Personal brands get you hired, fired, followed and admired. Organizations win or lose talent and customers, receive accolades or animosity, attract regulation or ease oversight. Issues get twisted, undermined, persecuted or inspire, mobilize and thrive. Product brands get shared, rated, reviewed and followed by fans and fanatics. Services charge premium pricing or fall into the commodity, soon-to-be automated bin. Brands or reputation drives all of it, for better or worse.

Episode 14   |    23:52 min

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This free eBook helps you define (or maybe refine) your brand.

This isn't about logo, color schemes, or soft-fuzzy, feel-good creative. It's about strategic alignment. It's about developing and delivering on your promise to those you need to succeed.

Branding: Much More Than A Logo. It's Your Northstar shares easy-to-read, easy-to-implement guideposts to check your brand alignment or develop your brand from the ground up. 

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Branding: More Than A Logo. It's Your Northstar!

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