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About The Executive Consult Podcast

There are interesting people we want to learn about and from. You learn as we learn what executives, leaders and media are facing and how they deal with it.

Karl Robe

Karl Robe


Feature Episode

Co-founder of and Lift Digital Solutions, Jeff talks evolution of digital media over the last 20 years. Who’s doing well with digital media? The NBA, he says. We discuss what’s exciting him in digital from artificial intelligence, chatbots, and surprise: E-MAIL!

Episode 1    |    34min

EP9: Jessica McBride

Jessica McBride is a Senior Journalism Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, an award-winning investigative journalist, and an influential digital journalist, whose work has appeared across the world and across media platforms. Make sure to check out her...

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EP8: Mike Wittenwyler

This episode’s guest works on matters that often are controversial, high-profile and involve the courtroom of public opinion. Mike Wittenwyler is the lead attorney for Godfrey & Kahn’s Political Law Group. You could say he’s the lawyer to lobbyists and...

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EP7: Brian Fielkow

Brian says building business culture is neither costly nor expensive! An entrepreneur and author of “Driving to Perfection: Achieving Business Excellence by Creating a Vibrant Culture,” Brian shares robust, pragmatic experiences and tips for building business culture....

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Hansen-Reynolds law partners Tim Hansen and Toby Reynolds guide executives and companies through complex, high-stakes business litigation. They share tips on business risk avoidance, legal marketing and how they grew their firm to include offices in Milwaukee,...

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